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Is Espresso The Most Caffeinated Coffee You Can Order?

For those who step into a coffee shop and wish to order the most caffeinated coffee to get you through the day, what comes up to your mind at once? In between a cup of filter brewed/ drip coffee and an espresso, what would you choose?


1 shot of espresso contains 47-65 mg of caffeine while

1 cup of 8-ounce coffee contains 95-200 mg.

The science about time of extraction is involved. An espresso is extracted in about 20-30seconds while brewing takes nearly 3 times of it. With larger volume, you can get a better fix too.

If you do not want hot drinks, cold brew is your choice. When it is brewed over an extremely long period of time, about 10-12 hours, there is an even higher amount of caffeine per ounce. While heat is not used to extract caffeine, the full immersion contact plus the brewing time is quite powerful.

If you think espresso is not strong enough and you need more vitality, you may try a filter brewed/ drip coffee or a cold brew instead.