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Our Story

The story started in 2012, a young coffee lunatic with a few  coffee certifications and several years of barista experience, decided to open a roaster to tell people the actual flavors and the beauty of coffee. Using an electric M3 roaster, just like most home roasters were doing, he roasted pack by pack for customers. He believes light roasting is the best way to unlock true potential inside the beans and will be a main trend in the future. He chose a very tiny space, only 100sq feet, on the 21st floor in a commercial building in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong to promote his philosophy. With the influence of his major bachelor degree in University, he named his business Coffee Engineering. Art and science seems to be in two extremes, but they actually complement each other. This is the concept of ‘Engineering’.

What We Believe

“There is no bad coffee if we treat it in a proper way.”

As a roaster, based on our experience and non-stop experiments, we can eventually unlock the true flavors of every coffee. If you have premium coffee in hand, you should make it much more brilliant; if you have so-so coffee in hand, you need to make it presentable. That’s our job.